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Martí's Last Letter to His Mother

Montecristi, March 25, 1895

Madre Mia,


Today, March 25, on the eve of a long journey, I am thinking of you. I think of you ceaselessly. In the wrath of your love you are pained by the sacrifice of my life-but then why was I born from you with a life that loves sacrifice? Word-I cannot. The duty of a man lies where he is most useful. But in my growing and necessary agony the memory of my mother is with me always.

Embrace my sisters, and your friends. Would htat I might one day see them all around me, contended with me! And then I will take care of you with tenderness and with pride. Now give me your blessing and believe that no work that is not charitable and pure will ever emerge from my heart. The blessing.

José Martí

I have good reason to set off more contended and certain than you can imagine. Truth and tenderness are not useless. Do not suffer.

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