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Cuban History Gallery

The new Cuban History Gallery is now open during the last few weeks of production.


Los Marielitos

LoAnn in Havana | Tina Panziera in Havana

Retired Galleries

These galleries, now retired from the normal flow of the site, are still open to the curious.

Independence GALLERY
Restored images from Cuba's past, including the most beautiful images you'll see of José Martí, Antonio Maceo, Maximo Gómez, Juan Gualberto Gómez and many others.

Revolution GALLERY
Includes a variety of new images created for the site and for various book projects.

Early History GALLERY
Includes recently colorized images depicting Spanish arrival in the New World.

Cuban Presidents
A side-scrolling gallery featuring portraits of Cuban presidents.

OLD Revolution GALLERY
This pop-up gallery requires that JavaScript be enabled. This is the original gallery, and has been replaced by the New Revolution Gallery

Photo Researchers

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