Front Door to Cuba

Letter by Huber Matos
Circulated After His Arrest in 1959

The risk I run does not matter. I believe that I have the courage and the serenity to face all contingencies… it is preferable to die rather than turn one's back on the values which animate the cause of truth, reason and justice.

You spoke yesterday of my being in league with Díaz Lanz and God knows who, trying to stab the Revolution in the back… Very well, Fidel, I await calmly what you decide. You know I have the courage to pass twenty years in prison…

I shall not order my soldiers… to open a single burst of fire against anyone, not even against the cutthroats you may send. I hope that History will give them their recompense, that History will judge, just as you once said that History will judge you too, Fidel…

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