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Huber Matos' Letter of Resignation

October 19, 1959

I do not want to become an obstacle to the revolution and believe that, before choosing between adapting myself and resignation to avoid doing harm, it is honest and 'revolutionary' to leave. I think that, after the substitution of Duque and others, whoever has had the frankness to speak to you of the Communist problem should do so…

great men begin to decline when they cease to be just

I can conceive of the revolution's triumph only with the nation united. It is right, however, to recall to you that great men begin to decline when they cease to be just. I only organized the Cienaguilla expedition [in the Sierra] to defend the rights of the country. If, after all, I am held to be ambitious or conspiratorial, it would be a reason not merely for leaving the Revolution but for regretting that I was not one of the many comrades who died in the struggle.

I hope you will understand that my decision (which I have considered a long time) is irrevocable. Also I request you, speaking not as Major Matos, but simply as one of your comrades of the Sierra - you remember! As one of those who set out determined to die in carrying out your orders, that you will agree to my request as soon as possible, allowing me to return home as a civilian, without having my sons afterwards learn in the street that their father is a traitor or a deserter.

Wishing you every kind of success for yourself and in your revolutionary efforts for the country… I remain ever your comrade,

Huber Matos

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