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Now you have more choices in how you explore Cuban history. The site's numerous entry points allow you to easily branch out into other areas of interest, at your own pace and based on your individual curiosity.

Are you curious about Martí and Maceo? Do you want to know about Cuba's wars for separation from Spain? What about Cuba's experience with Democracy during the first half of the 20th Century? Or do you want to jump right into the hectic and volatile 1950s that ended with the triumph of Castro and the beginning of the Cuban Revolution?

Do you want to know about Martí and Maceo and the struggle for Cuban identity?

Different ways to explore the site

Scroll the Timetables - This is the oldest and most basic way to explore the site. You can start in the 1490s and scroll your way forward. When you come across a link to an article or gallery that you wish to view, follow that link. From there you can choose to return to the timetables or follow a new course of exploration.

Use the E-pages to explore specific topics: Early History, Martí, Maceo, Struggle for Independence, Race in Cuba, Presidents, the 1950s, the 1960s, Bay of Pigs and the Missile Crisis. These pages are designed to give you a brief overview of the topic, event or personality, along with links to additional and/or related information available on the site. E-pages are available from the Home Page, or from the various portals, where they're less visible, and usually include the word "introduction" in their description.

Use the Contents Page to examine a chronological list of all the articles, notes, timelines and galleries available on the site.

Use the Site Index to find specific items by name and/or topics.

Use the Site-Wide Nav System at the bottom of each page to reach the major portal pages (Home Page | Contents | Galleries | Site Index | Timetables) and/or to choose a new course of exploration.

Use the logo at the top of each page to return to the Home Page.

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