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La Musica de Cuba


I BEGAN TO RE-DISCOVER CUBAN MUSIC as an adult, having misplaced most of it after arriving in the U.S. and absorbing the popular music and culture of the early seventies. I'm now grateful for both the loss and the re-discovery, since my musical world includes Perez Prado, King Crimson, Public Enemy, Chucho Valdez, Miles Davis, the Beastie Boys, Ernesto Lecuona, George Gershwin and many others that would not usually appear together in a single paragraph.

Lecuona on a stamp

Most Cuban music is, quite literally, a celebration of life itself. A way to temporarily forget the hardships of daily living and focus on the mere thrill of being alive. Of breathing and moving, and swaying to the rhythm.

There's no way to scientifically measure the healing and spiritually uplifting aspects of music in general, but if there was, I'm certain that the items on this list would score very high.

In this section I will talk about what I like, the composers and performers, and the CDs I choose to keep in my modest collection. Because I live in a small apartment, I tend to give away CDs that don't knock me off my feet right away (you won't hear about those) as well as books and magazines that I've already read and serve me no additional purpose.

If an item appears in this section, it is because I find it worth keeping and telling you about. But this is all very subjective, as choices about art and music tend to be. I will also include some film and book reviews that don't quite fit in with the academic nature of this web site, but have contributed to my general interest in Cuba.

The following list is not presented in any logical or hierarchical order. This just happened to be the order in which the CDs were stacked.

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